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The factors that affect diffusion include all of the following except -
a) ATP
b) temperature
c) particle size
d) polarity

How does a selectively permeable membrane affect the life of a cell?
a) It does not allow molecules to enter or exit the cell
b) it allows all molecules to enter and exit the cell
c) it allows all molecules to enter the cell but not exit
d) it allows certain molecules to enter and exit the cell

The command center of the cell is
a) the middle
b) nucleus
c) DNA
d) riboxsome

Which of the following is found in animal cells but not plant cells?
a) mitochondria
b) small vacuole
c) cytoplasm
d) lysosome

The nucleus functions MOST like -
a) a pipeline
b) a power plant
c) a packaging plant
d) an instruction book

Which of the following is a prokaryotic organism?
a) yeast
b) bacteria
c) virus
d) animal cell

Which adaptation would be beneficial to plants living in low light?
a) colorful, bright flowers
b) large leaves
c) short stems
d) thick cuticles

Which instrument was used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and helped scientists to develop the cell theory?
a) ultracentrifuge
b) light microscope
c) gel electrophoresis
d) electron microscope

The process whereby plants capture light energy and make glucose molecules is known as -
a) homeostasis
b) chemosynthesis
c) photosynthesis
d) development

A log on fire gives off what products?
a) carbon dioxide and water
b) oxygen and carbon dioxide
c) carbohydrates and water
d) fossil fuels and carbon dioxide

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