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What is the role of the president regarding the laws passed by the legislature?
a) The president can change the laws he does not like.
b) The president sends the laws to the states for approval.
c) Laws passed by the legislature do not have to go to the president for approval.
d) The president must enforce those laws.

Who is allowed to vote in Israeli elections?
a) all citizens 16 years of age or older
b) all citizens 18 years of age or older
c) only men who are 16 years of age or older
d) only men born in Israel who are 18 years of age or older

How often are elections held for the national government in Israel?
a) Every 5 years, when the ruling party has to leave their positions
b) Every 4 years, unless the ruling party calls for elections sooner
c) Every 6 years, and then the party members keep their posts for life
d) Every 4 years, and then the party members keep their posts for life

Saudi Arabia is ruled by a
a) representative government
b) popularly elected government
c) group of leading religious leaders
d) a king who makes the decisions

How long does a monarch rule in their country?
a) For a term of 10 years
b) For a term of 6 years, and then can be elected again
c) For life, until he dies or chooses to give up power
d) As long as parliament allows them to rule

How do the people in a monarchy participate in their government?
a) They have the power to vote the ruler out of office
b) The people get to approve the laws made by the ruler
c) They have little influence because the ruler makes most of the decisions
d) They are guaranteed certain rights by their written constitution

What is Shariah law?
a) laws calling for a separation of church and state
b) laws based on the teachings of the Qur'an
c) laws based on parliamentary democracy
d) laws made by the king alone

Who is the Ayatollah?
a) a leader of the Jewish congregation
b) a Shia religious leader
c) a Christian priest
d) the title of a local governor

Why is Iran sometimes called a theocratic republic?
a) Religious leaders decide which Iranian citizens can vote.
b) Iran's government is led by both an elected parliament and powerful religious leaders
c) Iran's religious leaders decide which Iranian citizens can vote.
d) The people of Iran have no say in choosing their government leaders.

In which Southwest Asian country do male citizens have to be 21 years or older to vote?
a) State of Israel
b) Islamic Republic of Iran
c) Country of Kuwait
d) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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