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Scientists use the rock cycle to describe the processes by which
a) all different types of fossils were transformed into rock
b) one type of rock can be changed into another type of rock
c) tectonic plates shift around the earth's surface
d) mineral crystals and compositions are identified

All of the following are characteristics of metamorphic rocks except
a) flattened crystals
b) colored, parallel layers
c) bending from pressure
d) holes from trapped gases

In which type of rock are fossils most likely to be found?
a) igneous intrusion
b) igneous extrusive
c) sedimentary
d) metamorphic

Which sedimentary rock is most likely to be changed to slate during regional metamorphism?
a) breccia
b) conglomerate
c) dolostone
d) shale

Which of these is most important in determining how a rock was formed?
a) color and shape
b) luster and hardness
c) composition and textrue
d) size and weight

The presence of many metamorphic rocks in Virginia is an indication that the area has been subjected to
a) intense heat and pressure
b) limited volcanic activity
c) deep ocean venting
d) massive solar bombardment

Processes like erosion, weathering, and deposition, will form which of the following rocks?
a) basaltic
b) sedimentary
c) igneous
d) metamorphic

A rock that shows foliation will have
a) large intergrown crystals in a random pattern
b) small intergrown crystals in a random pattern
c) particles cemented together
d) bands of crystals

Of the igenous rocks below, which one formed intrusively?
a) pumice
b) obsidian
c) granite
d) basalt

Which of the sedimentary rocks formed from peat or decayed plants?
a) conglomerate
b) shale
c) rock salt
d) coal

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