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Two plants are crossed, resulting in offspirng with a 3:1 ratio for a particular trait. This suggests
a) teh parents were true breeding for contrasting traits
b) incomplete dominance
c) that a blending of traits has occured
d) the parents were both heterozygous

When crossing an organism that is homozygous recessive for a single trait with a heterozygote, what is the chance of producing an offspring with the homozygous recessive phenotype?
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 100%

In cattle, roan coat color is a mixture of red and white hair. Red cattle are (RR) and white are (rr). Which of the following crosses would produce a 1:2:1 ratio?
a) red X white
b) roan X roan
c) white X roan
d) red X roan

A women who has normal vision marries a man who had normal vision. They have s on that is color blind. What are the possible genotypes of the child's mother and father?
a) X^BX^B, X^BY
b) X^BX^B, X^BX^B
c) X^BX^b, X^BY
d) X^bX^b, X^bY

If a women has type A blood, and a man has type B blood what are the possible genotypes of their offspring?
a) A and B Blood
b) AB and B Blood
c) A and O Blood
d) A, B, AB and O Blood

In a co-dominant cross, a black chicken is crossed with a balck and white chicken. What are the possible genotypes that can be produced?
a) black and black & white
b) black, white and black & white
c) white and black & white
d) only black and white

The genetic make up of an organism is called
a) phenotype
b) genotype
c) punnett square
d) dihybrid

What is an allele?
a) an egg cell
b) a sperm cell
c) a variation in a gene
d) a form of asexual reproduction

In humans, a male has
a) one X chromosome only
b) two X chromosomes
c) one X chromosome and one Y chromosome
d) two Y chromosomes

Human females produce egg cells that have
a) one X chromosome
b) two X chromosomes
c) one X cromosome or one Y chromosome
d) one X chromosome and one Y chromosome

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