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Which of the following sentences uses a personal pronoun incorrectly?
a) He took the blame for me.
b) He gave me a long lecture about my grades.
c) The girl at the end of the hall on the right is her.
d) The boys in the picture on the table are we.

It is _____ who wrote the long-running musical Cats.
a) he
b) them
c) him
d) her

Eventually, his friend Trevor Nunn and _____ turned Eliot\'s poems into a musical.
a) he
b) them
c) him
d) her

Which of the following contains an reflexive pronoun used as an object of the preposition?
a) The dog was scratching itself so much that it actually developed wounds.
b) The ants created the huge anthill by themselves in only a couple of weeks time.
c) When you get to college, you\'re going to have to take care of rent and other expenses yourself.
d) That looks like a lot of fun, I think I will try it myself.

Which of the following incorrectly uses a demonstrative pronoun?
a) That is my favorite movie in the entire world.
b) Those were the worst movies ever created.
c) These are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had.
d) This are my cousins visiting from out of town.

Which of the following sentences contains an interrogative pronoun?
a) Was the book that Zilla found the one that I had checked out from the library near my house?
b) Which of the two shirts in Herman’s closet is going to the laundry this week?
c) How many members of the team came to every practice the week before the last game?
d) Did he know that the book offered only one fact, which I knew even before I read the book?

Which of the following sentences does not use an interrogative pronoun?
a) What is the deadline for the contest?
b) When will her picture appear in the newspaper?
c) Who won first place at the competition?
d) Which was the hardest problem on the test?

Which of the following sentences will Kathy add after sentence 3 to elaborate her proposal
a) Volunteers learn different cooking terms and the best way to prepare fresh vegetables.
b) These include cooking a tasty, balanced meal and serving a large number of people in an efficient an
c) They involve cooking dinner for a crowd by following a specific recipe.
d) Many are useful when a student wants to help cook at home.

Which of the following contains an intransitive verb?
a) In the middle of the afternoon, I always eat a chocolate bar for energy.
b) The receptionist gave the customer my extension number.
c) Yesterday, the impudent boy defiantly gave his moms fits at the mall.
d) The massive and destructive mudslides were caused by the torrential rains.

Which of the following sentences does not contain an indirect object?
a) The postman brought my family a surprise package
b) Mr. Jones sold my friend Larue a defective computer.
c) The father sent his daughter a bouquet for her birthday.
d) The teacher mailed the progress reports to the parents.

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