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What unit is on a graduated cylinder?
a) milliliter (mL)
b) liter (L)
c) kiloliter (kL)
d) ounces

What is the length of the worm?
a) 78 cm
b) 753 mm
c) 7.53 cm
d) 78 mm

What lab equipment is used see specimens that cannot be seen with the naked eye?
a) magnifying glass
b) eyepiece
c) microscope
d) balance

What lab equipment is used to measure the amount of matter in an object?
a) graduated cylinder
b) balance
c) ruler
d) thermometer

What lab equipment is used to accurately measure the volume of liquids?
a) graduated cylinder
b) balance
c) ruler
d) Erlenmeyer flask

What adds color to a specimen sometimes before being viewed under a microscope?
a) slide
b) stain
c) cover slip
d) eyepiece

What part of the microscope is used to change the amount of light entering the stage?
a) eyepiece
b) coarse adjustment knob
c) diaphragm
d) nosepiece

What is the total magnification if the eyepiece is 10x and the objective lens is 40x?
a) 50 times bigger
b) 14 times bigger
c) 40 times bigger
d) 400 times bigger

Where do you place the specimen before viewing under a microscope?
a) slide
b) test tube
c) stage
d) cover slip

What is the SI unit on a triple beam balance?
a) gram (g)
b) kilogram (kg)
c) milligram (mg)
d) pounds (lbs)

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