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Which phase of mitosis is characterized by the chromosomes attaching to the spindle fibers and aligning in the middle of the cell?
a) prophase
b) metaphase
c) anaphase
d) telophase

Which phase of the cell cycle is characterized by the formation of two identical cells?
a) cytokinesis
b) interphase
c) G1 phase
d) G2 phase

A disease involving uncontrolled and abnormal cellular growth.
a) cancer
b) benign tumor
c) malignant tumor
d) metastisis

Which statement is true of meiosis?
a) DNA is replicated twice during meiosis.
b) Meiosis is involved in growth and repair.
c) One cell division occurs during meiosis.
d) Meiosis reduces the chromosome number by half.

Chromosomes that have the same size and shape are referred to as
a) tetrad.
b) gametes.
c) homologous.
d) autosomes.

What is the function of cytokinesis in meiosis?
a) replicating homologous chromosomes
b) creating new nuclei in daughter cells
c) completing the creation of daughter cells
d) exchanging genes between chromosomes

Chromosomes that do not determine the sex of an individual are
a) autosomes.
b) homologous.
c) sex chomosomes.
d) gametes.

Which statement is true of meiosis?
a) It involves two rounds of cell division.
b) It results in four identical cells.
c) It requires two rounds of DNA replication.
d) It results in cells with 46 chromosomes each.

When crossing-over takes place, chromosomes
a) mutate in the first division.
b) produce new genes.
c) decrease in number.
d) exchange corresponding segments of DNA.

The exchange of segments of DNA between the members of a pair of chromosomes
a) ensures that variation never occurs.
b) is a source of variation within a species.
c) always produces genetic disorders.
d) is called switching.

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