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Binary fission
a) occurs when two cells collide with each other.
b) creates new species.
c) is the process by which bacteria reproduce.
d) produces excess energy.

The chromosome of a bacteria cell
a) has a spiral-staircase shape.
b) has a circular shape.
c) occurs in multiple pairs within the cell.
d) is found within the nuclear membrane.

What is the function of interphase in cellular reproduction?
a) pinching the membrane in half to form two identical cells
b) allowing the cell to grow and prepare for division
c) moving chromosomes to opposite sides of the cell
d) shrinking the cell to allow room for newly created cells

Which is true of mitosis?
a) Mitosis consists of three phases.
b) Mitosis is responsible for the formation of sex cells.
c) Mitosis causes cells to swell to ten times their normal size.
d) Mitosis results in two identical daughter cells.

A protein disk connecting two chromatids to each other in a chromosome is called a(n)
a) chloroplast.
b) centromere.
c) gamete.
d) centriole.

Which phase of mitosis is characterized by the formation of new nuclear membranes?
a) telophase
b) anaphase
c) prophase
d) metaphase

Which phase of mitosis is characterized by chromatin condensing into chromosomes?
a) anaphase
b) prophase
c) metaphase
d) telophase

Only one parent cell is required for ___________ reproduction.
a) sexual
b) somatic
c) asexual
d) homologous

Which phase of mitosis is characterized by the chromosomes being separated and pulled to opposite ends of the cell?
a) prophase
b) metaphase
c) telophase
d) anaphase

How many chromosomes do humans have?
a) 23
b) 46
c) 42
d) 48

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