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This allows others to use copyright material without infringing on the rights of the owner. Beware that these are only guidelines and do not protect the user from lawsuits!
a) Intellectual Property
b) Infringement Law
c) Copyright Law
d) Fair Use

A computer based, interactive experience that incorporates text, graphics, sound and video.
a) Webinar
b) DTP Presentation
c) Multimedia Presentation
d) Media

Ensures that the author’s rights of images and sounds used in multimedia products are protected and acknowledged. Copyrighted material cannot be used without the owner’s permission
a) Fair Use
b) Copyright
c) Intellectual Property
d) Trademark

“Hot spots” or “jumps” used to locate an external file website or place in the current presentation; represented by a graphic or colored and underlined text.
a) Buttons
b) Hyperlinks
c) Layers
d) Treatment

An effect applied to text that makes it appear on a slide in increments of one letter, word or section at a time; keeps the audience’s attention and does not allow the audience to
a) Hyperlink
b) Button
c) Style
d) Build Effect

A list of options that use hyperlinks to move to other parts of the presentation.
a) Menu
b) Mini Tool Bar
c) Navigation Buttons
d) Ribbon

the visual effect of a slide as it moves on and off the screen during a slide show.
a) Layers
b) Build Effect
c) Animation
d) Slide Transition

Items that are hyperlinked to other parts of the presentation and allow the user to navigate through the presentation
a) Navigation Buttons
b) Menu
c) Buttons
d) Hyperlinks

Different types of media including text, video, sound, graphics and animations.
a) DTP Presentation
b) Website
c) Media
d) Multimedia Presentation

When you can only use small amounts of copyrighted content such as music, video, or text without having to pay royalties or ask for permission.
a) Copyright Law
b) Fair Use
c) Intellectual Property
d) Infringment

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