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Scientists call an organism that has 2 different alleles for a trait a __________.
a) hybrid
b) trait
c) purebred
d) factor

What does the notation TT mean to a geneticist?
a) 2 dominant alleles
b) 2 recessive alleles
c) heterozygous alleles
d) one dominant and one recessive allele

What happens during meiosis?
a) Chromosome pairs separate and are distributed into new cells
b) two sex cells combine
c) each sex cell copies itself to form 4 new chromosomes
d) chromosome pairs remain together when new sex cells are formed

What does mRNA do during protein synthesis?
a) copied the coded message from the DNA and carries it into the cytoplasm
b) copied the coded message from the DNA and carries it into the nucleus
c) carries the amino acids & adds them to the growing protein
d) copies the coded message from one protein & carries it to the nucleus

What genetic discorder results in abnormally shaped blood cells?
a) sickle-cell anemia
b) Down syndrome
c) cystic fibrosis
d) hemophilia

What is probability?
a) the number that describes how likely it is that an event will occur
b) the actual results from a series of events
c) the way the results of one event affect the next event
d) the number of times a coin lands heads up

In Mendel's experiments, what proportion of the plants in the F2 generation had a trait that had been absent in the F1 generation?
a) half
b) none
c) one fourth
d) three fourths

Factors that control a trait are called ___________.
a) genes
b) purebreds
c) recessives
d) parents

When sex cells combine to produce offspring, each sex cell will contribute ______.
a) half the number of chromosomes in body cells
b) one fourth the number of chromosomes in body cells
c) the normal number of chromosomes in body cells
d) twice the number of chromosomes in body cells

What is a karyotype?
a) a picture of the chromosomes in a cell
b) a sex-linked gene disorder
c) a picture of a baby before it is born
d) fluid that surrounds a baby before it is born

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