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In pea plants, inflated pods (R) are dominant to constricted pods (r). Which of the following is a cross between inflated pods and constricted pods?
a) RR X RR
b) Rr X Rr
c) RR X rr
d) RR X Rr

In a test cross, if one parent’s genotype is homozygous dominant
a) all of the offspring will have the dominant phenotype
b) 1/4 of the offspring will have the dominant phenotype
c) 1/2 of the offspring will have the dominant phenotype
d) 3/4 of the offpspring will have the dominant phenotype

In chickens, rose comb (R) is dominant to single comb (r). A homozygous rose-combed rooster is mated with a single-combed hen. All of the chicks in the F1 generation were kept toge
a) 100% rose comb
b) 50% rose comb and 50% single comb
c) 100% single comb
d) 75% rose comb and 25% single comb

In mink, brown fur color is dominant to silver-blue fur color. If a homozygous brown mink is mated with a silver-blue mink and 8 offspring are produced, how many would be expected
a) 0
b) 8
c) 6
d) 3

The typical human body cell contains 46 chromosomes. How many chromosomes are found in a typical human sperm?
a) 23
b) 92
c) 46
d) 45

A true-breeding tall pea plant is crossed with a true-breeding short pea plant, and all the offspring are tall. What is the most likely genotype of the offspring?
a) tt
b) Tt or tt
c) TT
d) Tt

In mice, black is dominant to white color and color is determined by a single gene. Two black mice are crossed. They produce 2 black offspring and one white offspring. If the white
a) 0
b) 75
c) 50
d) 25

A heterozygous organism is best described as which of these?
a) dominant
b) true-breeding
c) hybrid
d) genotype

If two heterozygous individuals are crossed, what percent of their offspring are also expected to be heterozygous?
a) 0
b) 100
c) 75
d) 50

What is the difference between a monohybrid cross and a dihybrid cross?
a) A monohybrid cross involves a single parent, whereas a dihybrid cross involves two parents.
b) A monohybrid cross is performed for one generation, whereas a dihybrid cross is performed for two ge
c) A dihybrid cross involves crossing two traits and a monohybrid only one trait
d) A monohybrid cross produces a single progeny, whereas a dihybrid cross produces two progeny.

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