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Joe made a presentation about his favorite college. He is able to launch the the college\'s website while he is presenting. Which part of multimedia presentations is this?
a) Animation
b) Transition
c) Hyperlink
d) Build effects

Jeremy is showing a presentation to customers advertising his company\'s products. What is the purpose of his presentation?
a) Motivate
b) Train
c) Teach
d) Sell

Tina is taking an analog sound and converting it to a digital sound so she can use it in her presentation. This is an example of:
a) converting.
b) sampling
c) downloading.
d) channels.

Jane would like to insert an audio file into a presentation. Which file formats are appropriate to use?
a) AVI, AU, MP3

The primary purpose of multimedia in a classroom is that it:
a) decreases visual appeal for lessons and lectures.
b) reduces the need to take notes.
c) provides entertainment.
d) enhances the visual appeal for lessons and lectures.

Heath has a question and answer on one slide, but does not want the audience to see the answer right away. What basic part of presentations will he use?
a) Animation
b) Transition
c) Hyperlink
d) Build effect

Graphics can be used in a multimedia presentation in all of the following ways EXCEPT:
a) improve readibility.
b) serve as a background
c) set a mood or tone.
d) provide examples.

Randy is using his favorite song in a multimedia presentation. According to the Fair Use Guideline, how much of the song can he use?
a) 10 percent or 3 minutes whichever is less
b) 100 percent or 50 percent whatever is
c) 10 percent or 30 seconds whichever is less
d) 10 percent or 1000 words whichever is less

During his multimedia presentation to the class, Jim needs to access a file outside of his presentation. What basic part of a multimedia presentation should he use?
a) Animation
b) Transition
c) Hyperlink
d) Build effect

Madison created a multimedia presentation with visual effects that faded the slides on and off the screen. Which part of multimedia presentations did she use?
a) Build effects
b) Transitions
c) Menus
d) Hyperlinks

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