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Hinduism and Buddhism share a belief in
a) the central authority of the Pope
b) a prohibition of the consumption of port
c) reincarnation and the Four Noble Truths
d) monotheism and ethical conduct

The Buddhist religion teaches that salvation is earned by
a) following the Ten Commandments
b) worshiping Allah as the one true god
c) learning to give up selfish desire
d) learning to give up selfish desire

The Eightfold Path, the Four Noble Truths, and the concept of nirvana are associated with the religion of
a) Islam
b) Jainism
c) Shintoism
d) Buddhism

Which values are most closely associated with the fundamental principles of Buddhism?
a) competition and financial success
b) maintaining the caste system and providing education for all people
c) practicing nonviolence and giving up worldly desires
d) self-determination and democracy

Which belief is shared by Hindus and Buddhists
a) Everyone should have the same social status
b) The soul can be reincarnated
c) Material wealth is a sign of the blessing of the Gods
d) People should pray 5 times a day

Which belief is most closely associated with Buddha
a) People are born into a specific caste
b) People can oversome their desires by following the Eightfold Path
c) Believers must follow the Ten Commandments
d) Followers must fast during Ramadan

How are the the Ten Commandments and the Eightfold Path similar
a) provide codes of behavior
b) establish gender equality
c) promote polytheism
d) describe secularism

Believe in reincarnation, which is influenced by karma, and dharma
a) Hinduism
b) Judaism
c) Christianity
d) Taoism

Salvation is achieved through a spiritual oneness of the soul, atman, with the ultimate reality of the universe, Brahman
a) Christianity
b) Judaism
c) Hinduism
d) Taoism

Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader
a) Confucianism
b) Buddism
c) Judaism
d) Christianity

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