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What Native Americans did de Leon meet in east Texas?
a) The Texas tribe
b) The Friendly tribe
c) The French tribe
d) The Tejas tribe

The Native Americans who lived in east Texas were--
a) mean
b) hungry
c) friendly
d) afraid

What is an important part of a mission?
a) A church
b) Guns
c) A cafeteria
d) A fort

De Leon\'s mission in east Texas was made of--
a) clay
b) bricks
c) logs
d) stone

De Leon\'s mission in east Texas was named--
a) Valero de los Apaches
b) San Francisco de los Tejas
c) San Juan de los Karankawas
d) San Jose de los Comanches

What did the priests do in the mission?
a) They taught about God, weaving, planting and building houses.
b) They taught the Native Americans to look for gold.
c) They taught the Native Americans how to read.
d) They taught about guns and cannons.

Why did the Spaniards want the missions?
a) They did not want the Americans to come into Texas.
b) They did not want Mexico to come into Texas.
c) They did not want the Native Americans to stay in Texas.
d) They did not want the Frenchmen to come back to Texas.

Why didn\'t the Native American like the mission?
a) They didn\'t like the food in the mission.
b) They didn\'t want to live like the Spaniards.
c) They didn\'t like the land near the mission.
d) They didn\'t like the priests.

What happened to the mission?
a) The Frenchmen came and took the mission.
b) Mexico took the mission.
c) The Spaniards burned the mission
d) The Native Americans and priests let the mission.

Where did the priests go?
a) France
b) The U.S.
c) Mexico
d) Spain

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