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If the mass of Earth were equal to 1 penny, how much mass would the Sun have?
a) 30000 Pennies
b) 1 Million Pennies
c) 300 Pennies
d) 1 Ton of Pennies

The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is:
a) A massive and violent storm
b) Volcanic activity
c) An ocean of liquid
d) A large mountain range

What is the difference between meteors and comets?
a) All of the above
b) Comets are made from rock and frozen ice; meteors are made from rock.
c) Most comets are found outsided the solar system and meteors are found within
d) Meteors can burn up as they enter a planets atmosphere and comets rarely enter a planet’s atmosphere

What happened to Mercury to cause the large cliffs as seen on the surface?
a) It shrank
b) It expanded
c) It became warmer
d) It melted

Which planet is called Earths twin because it is similar in mass and diameter
a) Venus
b) Pluto
c) Juptier
d) Mars

Which planet's day is longer than it's year?
a) Venus
b) Mercury
c) Mars
d) Neptune

Which significant discovery did Galileo make?
a) Venus goes through phases like the moon
b) Bodies are attracted toward each other
c) Planets move in epicycles
d) The Sun revolves around the Earth

One rotation of Earth on it's axis is equal to:
a) One Day
b) One Year
c) One Month
d) Half a day

This planet has the highest, most violent winds in the solar system
a) Neptune
b) Venus
c) Jupiter
d) Uranus

When a shooting star appears in the sky, it is actually which of the following
a) A meteor
b) An astroid
c) A meteorite
d) A comet

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