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Plants and trees protect the soil from ____________________ by acting as anchors to the soil.
a) erosion
b) weathering
c) differential weathering
d) mechanical weathering

Gardeners want a layer of rich ____________________ for their vegetable gardens.
a) topsoil
b) subsoil
c) bedrock
d) soil particles

The dark, organic material formed in soil from the decayed remains of plants and animals
a) humus
b) bedrock
c) weathering
d) erosion

A way to keep soil fertile by protecting it from erosion is called ____________________.
a) soil conservation
b) Soil structure
c) soil texture
d) soil fertility

Which soil conservation technique helps prevent erosion of sloping hills by heavy rains
a) contour plowing
b) terracing
c) cover crop
d) no-till farming

Which soil conservation technique helps restore nutrients to the soil?
a) cover crop
b) no-till farming
c) terracing
d) contour plowing

Which soil conservation technique prevents erosion on steep hills by heavy rains?
a) terracing
b) no-till farming.
c) cover crop
d) contour plowing

What is it called when a farmer plants different crops in order to use less nutrients or different nutrients from the soil?
a) crop rotation
b) contour plowing
c) terracing
d) no-till farming.

The practice of leaving old stalks to provide cover from rain in order to reduce water runoff and soil erosion is called
a) no-till farming.
b) terracing.
c) cover crops.
d) crop rotation.

The process of changing one steep field into a series of smaller, flatter fields is called
a) terracing.
b) contour plowing.
c) crop rotation.
d) cover crops.

What is a a soil horizon?
a) A layer of soil
b) A factor influencing how soil is formed
c) An organism found within the soil
d) A technique used to map soils

Why is organic matter (humus) an important part of soil?
a) It helps to improve water infiltration
b) It can break down organic pollutants
c) It converts nitrogen in the air into nitrates used by plants
d) It is rich in nutrients, which is important for fertility

What is soil erosion?
a) It is the process by which soil is formed
b) A harmful process that involves the removal and transport of soil by wind and water
c) A natural method of filtering harmful pollutants
d) A process often referred to as the 'greenhouse' effect

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