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These connect muscle to bone
a) ligaments
b) fascia
c) tendons
d) z lines

This protein filament is thinner and connects to z lines
a) myosin
b) a band
c) actin
d) sarcomere

Nerves release this neurotransmitter into the neuromuscular junction:
a) acetycholinesterase
b) calcium
c) acetycholine
d) t-tubules

When actin and myosin overlap it produces a dark striation called an:
a) A band
b) I band
c) Z line
d) sarcomere

Fast twitch muscle fibers are used during what type of exercise?
a) anaerobic
b) hypertropy
c) atrophy
d) aerobic

A repeating unit of a muscle fiber from z line to z line is called a:
a) ligament
b) I band
c) sarcoplasmic reticulum
d) sarcomere

This structure releases calcium when stimulated by the t-tubules
a) sarcoplasmic reticulum
b) neuromuscular junction
c) z line
d) nerve

When a muscle does not relax at all between contractions:
a) muscle tone
b) tetanus
c) atrophy
d) hypertrophy

A recording of a muscle twitch is called a:
a) myogram
b) slow twitch fiber
c) neuromuscular
d) atrophy

Acetycholinesterase is a cool word and...
a) it goes into the sarcoplasmic reticulum
b) it sends acetylcholine into the neuromuscular junction
c) it causes t-tubules to contract
d) aids in the relaxation of a muscle fiber

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