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An economic system where people are free to choose which goods to make or buy and which services to offer or use.
a) Free-Market
b) Industry
c) Export
d) Import

The journey millions of enslaved Africans were forced to travel across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to the West Indies.
a) Middle Passage
b) Triangle Passage
c) Square Passage
d) Trail of Tears

A shipping route that connected England, the English colonies, and Africa.
a) Triangular Trade Route
b) Bermuda Triangle
c) Square Trade Route
d) Middle Passage

A time in a New England town when people gathered in the meeting house to vote on laws and elect leaders.
a) Town Meeting
b) Family Meeting
c) Election Day 2012
d) Common

To force to leave.
a) Expel
b) Experience
c) Dissent
d) Dissaprove

a) Consent
b) Dissent
c) Disagreement
d) Charter

Speech or behavior that causes people to work against a government.
a) Sedition
b) Frontier
c) Dissent
d) Consent

a) Charter
b) Agreement
c) Dissent
d) Consent

An official paper in which certain rights are given by a government to a person, group, or business.
a) Charter
b) Dissent
c) Consent
d) Declaration of Independence

All the businesses that make one kind of product or offer one kind of service.
a) Industry
b) Free-Market
c) Export
d) Import

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