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Who was Samuel Adams?
a) A signer of the Constitution
b) A Revolutionary who helped found the Committees of Correspondence
c) A famous solider in the Continental Army
d) Said that

What is the Committees of Correspondence?
a) Committees formed in towns and colonies to share information about British laws
b) Committees that had tea parties with King George
c) Committees that played chess
d) Committees that formed wanted to kill George Washington

What was the Stamp Act of 1765?
a) It said that you were not allowed to buy stamps
b) It said you had to have 5 stamps on an envelope
c) It required the colonists to pay for an official stamp when they bought paper items
d) It said the colonists did not need stamps

What was the Boston Massacre?
a) An incident in Boston where thousands of people were killed
b) An incident in Boston where British soldiers fired into the crowd of colonists, killing 5
c) An incident where people died because of the plague in Boston
d) An incident where everyone in Boston died!

What was the Tea Act?
a) It allowed the British East India Company to sell tea directly to the colonists
b) It allowed Tea to be consumed at every meal
c) It stopped the colonists from drinking tea
d) It made tea illegal

What was the Boston Tea Party?
a) Incident in which the colonists, dressed as Indians, dumped chests of tea into the Boston Harbor
b) The colonists sat down and had a tea party with their stuffed bears
c) A law that required colonists to house British soldiers
d) A law that said that tea parties are illegal

What were the Intolerable Acts?
a) Acts that were intolerable...
b) Laws passed by the British Parliament to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party
c) Laws that said that the British had to be intolerable to the colonists
d) Laws that made King George look like a good person

What was the Quartering Act?
a) All money was made into quarters
b) A law that required colonists to house British soldiers
c) Law that said that all captured prisoners would be cut in quarters
d) A law that made saying anything bad about the British illegal

a) NA
b) NA
c) NA
d) NA

a) na
b) NA
c) NA
d) NA

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