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The formation of an ion can best be compared to
a) a person bowling
b) a pitcher on a baseball team
c) someone play soccer
d) someone looking for a tennis partner

The number of electrons an ion contains will always be ___________ the number of protons.
a) equal to
b) less than
c) greater than
d) different than

A ____________ ion is created when an electron is removed.
a) stable
b) neutral
c) positive
d) negative

In order to become _____________, ions will combine with other ions to form new substances.
a) ionized
b) charged
c) less stable
d) more stable

Atoms of elements that are most likely to form ionic bonds with each other are ____________ of the periodic table.
a) on the left
b) in the middle
c) close together
d) on opposite sides

Which of the following required the least amount of energy?
a) gaining an electron
b) losing two electrons
c) losing four electrons
d) losing an electron

Ionic compound usually form between
a) solids and liquids
b) liquids and gases
c) metals and nonmetals
d) nonmetals and metalloids

What would happen if an atom of fluorine (F) came into contactt with an atom of neon (Ne)?
a) nothing
b) neon would become ionized
c) fluorine would become ionized
d) an ionic bond would form between the two atoms

What is the main difference between an isotope and an ion?
a) An ion has extra protons
b) An isotope has extra neutrons
c) Isotopes are radioactive while ions are not
d) An ion always has a positive or negative charge.

If a lithium atom loses one electron, what will its charge be?
a) -2
b) -1
c) +1
d) +2

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