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Unlike _______ bonds, ______ bonds can form between two atoms of the same element.
a) covalent, ionic
b) ionic, covalent
c) hydrogen, molecular
d) molecular, hydrogen

When ionic or covalent bonds are formed, chemical compounds are created. Which of the following does not represent a compound?
a) Na atoms
b) NO
c) BaBr
d) PO

In an ionic bond, nonmetals are most likely to
a) gain electrons
b) lose electrons
c) share electrons
d) cancel electrons

What would happen if a sodium (Na) atom and a neon (Ne) atom were put near one another?
a) A bond would not form
b) An ionic bond would form
c) A covalent bond would form
d) They would cancel each other out

Atoms join with other atoms by bonding with them in order to become as chemically _______ as possible.
a) inert
b) stable
c) unstable
d) electrified

When forming a chemical bond only the ________ electrons participate in the bonding process.
a) ionized
b) inner shell
c) outer shell
d) ionic or covalent

The noble gases rarely participate in chemical bonding because
a) their valence electron shells are full
b) they are gases and gases are less volatile
c) they have an atomic structure similar to hydrogen
d) sharing electrons would not involve enough energy

When atoms bond covalently with other atoms to form new substances the atoms ___________ electrons.
a) share
b) transfer
c) lose and gain
d) share and transfer

Hydrogen is sometimes found on both sides of the periodic table because it
a) is the first element
b) can bond ionically or covalently
c) is the most common element in the universe
d) only has one electron and this electron is attached strongly to its nucleus.

When a covalent bond forms between two atoms how many atoms have a full outer shell of electrons?
a) one
b) two
c) zero
d) it depends on what the atoms are

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