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What makes the outer shell electrons important is that they
a) determine the chemical reactivity of the atom.
b) are not really important so they can be lost easily.
c) will always seek out atoms that have the same number of outer shell electrons
d) tell you what element you're dealing with if you only know how many electrons are in the outer shell

All of the noble gases have this fact in common:
a) They are all radioactive
b) Their outer shells are full of electrons
c) They will react chemically with other elements quite easily
d) They are all very common and can be found easily in nature

Which of these elements have atoms that do not have two electrons in their outer shells?
a) helium
b) lithium
c) calcium
d) magnesium

When an atom manages to get its outer energy level filled with electrons the atom becomes
a) non-reactive
b) more reactive
c) very unstable
d) a new element

Ionic bonds form when electrons are-
a) shared
b) ionized
c) transferred
d) magnetized

Covalent bonds form when electrons are
a) shared
b) ionized
c) transferred
d) magnetized

If a sodium atom lost one of its electrons and a chlorine atom gained it, what kind of bond would be formed between sodium and chlorine?
a) ionic
b) valence
c) metallic
d) covalent

If two fluorine atoms bonded with each other what kind of bond would be involved?
a) ionic
b) valence
c) covalent
d) non-metallic

Ionic bonds form between ________ and ________.
a) ions, atom
b) atoms, elements
c) metals, nonmetals
d) molecules, compounds

Ionic bonds are formed when atoms ________ electrons while covalent bonds are formed when atoms ________ electrons.
a) gain, lose
b) share, gain
c) absorb, share
d) transfer, share

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