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An ion is created when ________________________ are added or removed.
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) electrons
d) protons and neutrons

Ionic bonds form because the atoms involved have-
a) similar charges
b) different charges
c) similar electron arrangements
d) a repulsion force between the electrons in the outershell

An atom of this element would have a very easy time losing one electron to form an ionic bond with an atom of an element that would easily accept it:
a) F
b) K
c) Ar
d) Mg

Ionic bonds, like all chemical bonds, form in order to make the new substance formed
a) less stable
b) more stable
c) more ionized
d) chemically non-reactive

Which chemical formula shows how atoms of the elements calcium (Ca) and sulfur (s) would join together ionically?
a) CaS
b) Ca2S
c) CaS2
d) Ca2S3

When a covalent bond forms between atoms, electrons are
a) lost
b) gained
c) shared
d) transferred

A covalent bond will usually form between
a) metals
b) non-metals
c) noble gases
d) a metal and a non-metal

When covalent bonds form between two atoms, both atoms' outer shells
a) become ionized
b) are full of electrons
c) require additional electrons to become full
d) will easily give up electrons in order to become more stable

Atoms of elements that bond covalently with other atoms want to ______________________ the electrons they already have.
a) lose
b) gain
c) keep
d) ionize

Atoms on the left side of the periodic table typically form _____ bonds but not _____ bonds with other atoms.
a) covalent, ionic
b) ionic, covalent
c) ionized, covalent
d) covalent ionized

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