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Which of these was NOT a major crop produced by the Southern colonies?
a) indigo
b) tobacco
c) rice
d) grapes

Who wanted to explore Georgia due to "God, glory, and gold?"
a) the Portuguese
b) the French
c) the English
d) the Spanish

What were the conquistadors looking for?
a) gold
b) spices
c) freshwater supplies
d) oil

What was the first permanent English colony in the New World?
a) Roanoke Island
b) Santo Domingo
c) Jamestown
d) St. Augustine

What caused the destruction of the Mississippian Indians?
a) conflicts with other Native Americans
b) disease
c) droughts
d) severe flooding

Who wanted to colonize North America due to beliefs in mercantilism?
a) the English
b) the Spanish
c) the French
d) the Portuguese

What was the purpose of Spanish missions?
a) to convert Native Americans to Christianity
b) to find large deposits of gold
c) to eliminate the Native Americans
d) to find a Northwest Passage across the Americas

Who was more interested in the fur trade as opposed to colonizing Georgia?
a) the English
b) the French
c) the Portuguese
d) the Spanish

Who developed the atlatl?
a) the English
b) the Archaic Indians
c) the Spanish
d) the Woodland Indians

Who was the first European explorer in Georgia?
a) Hernando de Soto
b) Ponce de Leon
c) Jacques Cartier
d) Henry Hudson

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