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Meghan wanted to view an animation while she was working on a project. She moved the playhead back to the begining. Which animation feature did she use?
a) Blender
b) Keyframe
c) Library
d) Scrubbing

Susie is creating an animation project. Which part of the animation program will she use to generate the animation?
a) Library
b) Playhead
c) Stage
d) Timeline

While editing his animation porject, Jeremy is able to keep the audio separate from text and motion. Which animation software feature allows him to do this?
a) Layers
b) Morphing
c) Storyboarding
d) Tweening

Calvin would like to have a high quality sound file for a short animation project. If the size of file is not a consideration, which sound format should he use?
a) AVI
b) MOV
d) WAV

In order to make a preliminary check make sure his animation of a cat will flow properly with background sound, Lucas can use an animation process know as:
a) Pencil testing
b) recording
c) storyboarding
d) tweening

Jason is editing the motion layer of his animation project. Which part of the animation program will he use to do this?
a) Frame
b) Library
c) Timeline
d) Stage

Anthony is ready to review his animation. He should analyze his project in order to do all of the following EXCEPT:
a) reduce file sizes for quicker downloads
b) make video/animation play more smoothly
c) ensure streaming is slow during viewing
d) maintain sufficient quality for viewing

In his music video for media class, Joseph has picture sof people that change from one to the next in a smooth manner. Which type of computer animatino effect was used?
a) 3D graphics
b) Morphing
c) Rolloevers
d) Virtual reality

Cynthia is editing the layers on the timeline of her animation project. She moves the playhead back several frames to preview that section of the animation. What is this process?
a) Morphing
b) Scrubbing
c) Streaming
d) Staging

Kelly is creating a presentation that will show the progression of a worm moving across the sscreen towards an apple. She will use playdough figures & film them. What is this?
a) Morphing
b) Path based
c) Scripting
d) Stop motion

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