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What does loquacious mean?
a) Too talkative
b) A large crowd
c) An unattractive woman
d) A loud noise

What does raucus mean
a) quiet gathering
b) rough or loud
c) pleasant to hear
d) smelly

What does melodious mean?
a) A funny story
b) secretive
c) deeply thoughtful
d) pleasant to hear

What does heinous mean?
a) amazingly wonderful
b) terrible and shocking
c) pleasant and amusing
d) something that a person owns

What does prognosticate mean?
a) to predict the future
b) To think seriously about something
c) sad or lonely
d) pleasantly weary

What does malodorous mean?
a) an amusing activity
b) well known and respected
c) secret, and usually illegal
d) smelly or stinky

What does cacophony mean?
a) with care and persistence
b) firm and steady
c) A harsh, unpleasant sound
d) corrupt and viscious

What is an adjective
a) modifies a verb
b) a descriptive word
c) combines two phrases together
d) tells the subject what to do

Which is a proper noun
a) she
b) state
c) city
d) Ryan

Which is an adjective
a) smelly
b) chubby
c) stinky
d) all of the above

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