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The asthenosphere is part of the
a) crust
b) lithosphere
c) mantle and crust
d) cores

Molten rock within the Earth is called
a) convection currents
b) lava
c) magma
d) liquid iron and nickel

Earth's magnetic field is thought to originate in the
a) outer core
b) inner core
c) north and south poles
d) plates moving from north to south

Which is the most dense?
a) oceanic crust
b) inner core
c) continental crust
d) mantle

To study Earths interior, scientist have to rely on indirect evidence from
a) seismic waves
b) cave expeditions
c) drilling samples
d) rock samples

Which answer lists the layers of Earth from outer to inner most?
a) asthenosphere, lithosphere inner core outer core
b) crust, asthenosphere, lithosphere, mantle, core
c) inner core, outer core, mantle, crust
d) crust, mantle, outer core, inner core

Convection currents in the earth occur
a) in the mantle
b) in the mantle and outer core
c) in the crust
d) in the inner core

According the the theory of plate tectonics, which layer is broken into plates?
a) lithosphere
b) lithosphere and asthenosphere
c) crust only
d) mantle

Which of Earth's layers is liquid?
a) outer core
b) inner core
c) asthenosphere
d) lithosphere

There are two types of crust. What are these called?
a) asthennsphere and lithosphere
b) oceanic and continental
c) outer and inner
d) flat and mountainous

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