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What is an ISP?
a) the type of network used at universities
b) the company or organization that you would use to browse the Internet with
c) Internet Scheduled Program
d) browser and search engine

Parts or a computer are know as:
a) firmware
b) hardware
c) software
d) shareware

Which of the following IS NOT associated with emails?
a) attachments
b) bcc
c) cookies
d) spamming

All computers on the Internet must use which protocol?
a) netware
c) ethernet

Letters are used to send information in the mail. What is used to send information over the Internet?
a) bandwidth
b) packets
c) topologies
d) PINGs

NOS stands for:
a) New Open System
b) Next Operating System
c) Network Operating System
d) Network Open Storage

Which of the following CAN NOT be used to create digital graphics?
a) using a Graphics software program
b) drawing a picture on a computer
c) scanning photos
d) using a film camera

Which language is commonly used in programming to make Web pages interactive?
a) C#
b) JavaScript
c) C++
d) Java

OOP refers to what programming concept?
a) Old Object Procedures
b) Object Oriented Programming
c) Input Processing Output
d) Objects Out Programming

Which of the following IS NOT a digital graphics extension?
a) jpg, jpeg
b) mp3
c) png
d) bmp

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