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Who would head the IT department in a company?
a) CFO
b) CIO
c) CEO
d) the board of directors

Which of the following would NOT qualify a network administrator?
a) industry certification
b) high school diploma
c) classes and schooling
d) work experience

A well trained technician would likely have ALL BUT WHICH of the following?
a) good work skills
b) hands-on experience
c) industry certificates
d) a master's degree

A person who designs the overall design of how all the software will work together is known as a:
a) computer program
b) system analyst
c) interactive manager
d) network administrator

Which of the following IS NOT a career in the IT area of interactive media?
a) PC technician
b) e-learning designer
c) digital media designer
d) web designer

A person with an A+ Certification might do which of the following:
a) repair technician
b) help desk support
c) database administration
d) 1 and 2

Which organization provides several industry tests that a person can certify?
a) CompTIA
b) TestCertNow
c) CompUSA
d) CertIndustry

In information technology, a person who writes software is known as a:
a) computer technician
b) network specialist
c) computer programmer
d) interactive media developer

Who would direct the affairs of company on a day to day basis?
a) CFO
b) the board of directors
c) CIO
d) CEO

Which of the following skills WOULD NOT be used by a person working in the area of interactive media?
a) artistic
b) visual layout
c) hardware repair
d) coding & scripting

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