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Diazepam is used to produce
a) Analgesia
b) Vomiting
c) Muscle relaxation
d) Hypnosis

When a cat is to be castrated, the veterinary technician should prepare the surgical site. The incision is most commonly made in what location?
a) Flank
b) Prescrotal prepuce
c) Mid abdomen
d) Scrotum

1What is the normal respiratory rate of a dog or cat under anesthesia?
a) 1-10 bpm
b) 12-26 bpm
c) 8-20 bpm
d) 6-16 bpm

Items stored in open shelving will remain sterile for
a) Up to 1 year
b) 3 weeks
c) 6 months

A Caslick operation is done in horses to
a) Stop roaring
b) Clean out the gluttural pouches
c) Treat navicular disease
d) Improve fertility

A Ferguson Angiotribe does what?
a) Used to crush and create a fold in the tissue to which it is applied
b) Holds open a wound or incision to view underlying tissue.
c) Used to clamp large vessels or large tissue masses
d) Used to clamp small vessels

Which suture size is the smallest?
a) 1-0
b) 10-0
c) 6-0
d) 2-0

A #3 scalpel blade holds?
a) Blades #1-9
b) Blades #10-19
c) Blades #20-29

What is the proper term for trimming the edges of a jagged tear before suturing?
a) Debridement
b) Cauterization
c) Curettage
d) Decoupage

What pattern is used when prepping the surgical field on a patient?
a) Circle pattern
b) Target Pattern
c) Zig-zag pattern
d) Square pattern

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