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Where do you clear all tabs?
a) Home tab > Paragraph Group > dialog box > Tabs
b) Home tab > Font Group > dialog box
c) Insert tab > tables
d) Insert tab > Quick Parts

Which type of tab setting lines up numbers at their decimal points?
a) Decimal tab
b) Left tab
c) Right tab
d) Bar tab

What do you press to move the cursor to a tab setting?
a) Tab
b) Enter
c) Backspace
d) Home

What are the dots between tabs?
a) Leaders
b) Tab settings
c) Mistakes
d) Extra punctuation

Which action does NOT remove a tab setting on the ruler?
a) Press the delete key
b) Drag the tab setting off to the left of the ruler
c) Drag the tab setting down into the document
d) Delete the tab setting in the tab dialog box

Which of these effects is NOT on the font dialog box?
a) Drop cap
b) Hidden
c) Small caps
d) Strikethrough

Where do you select the theme for the document?
a) Page Layout tab
b) Insert tab
c) Home tab
d) View tab

What is a picture in the document of any program that is not minimized?
a) Screenshot
b) Clip art
c) Table
d) Hyperlink

Where do you change the margins of the page?
a) Page Layout tab
b) Insert tab
c) Home tab
d) View tab

Where do you change the appearnce of the document to "one page"?
a) View tab
b) Page Layout tab
c) Insert tab
d) Home tab

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