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What is the density of a substance based on?
a) height and weight
b) speed and velocity
c) length and volume
d) mass and volume

You place a block of wood into a beaker of water and it floats. What can you say about the buoyant force on the block?
a) It is equal to the block's weight
b) It is less than the block's weight
c) It is greater than the blocks weight
d) It is equal to the weight of the surrounding water

If an object weighing 10 N rests on a surface with an area of 2 m^2, the pressure that the object exerts is
a) 20 Pa.
b) 5 Pa.
c) 0.20 Pa.
d) 2 Pa.

When a sample of liquid is divided in half, its density
a) is half as much
b) stays the same
c) is two times greater
d) is four times greater

Why does an airplane rise in the air?
a) It experiences a buoyant force because it is less dense than the air.
b) The moving air above and below the wings creates an unbalanced force that pushes the airplane up
c) The pressure above the wings is greater than the air pressure below the wings
d) The airplane's cabin is presurized

You observe that a chunk of tar sinks in puddles of rainwater but floats on the ocean. An experiment to explain the behavior of the tar should measure
a) the difference between atmospheric pressure and water pressure.
b) the densities of freshwater, salt water and tar.
c) the height from which the chunk of tar is dropped.
d) the depth of each type of water

Objects sink in water when they have greater
a) mass than water.
b) density than water.
c) weight than water.
d) volume than water.

The buoyant force pushes objects
a) in all directions.
b) sideways.
c) downwards.
d) upwards.

What is the density of a 2 in sugar cube that weighs 16 gr
a) 1/8 g/ml
b) 20 g/ml
c) 36 g/ml
d) 2 g/ml

Oil floats on water because
a) Both substances have equal densities
b) The oil is lighter than the water
c) The oil is less dense than the water
d) The water is less dense than the oil

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