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The kinetic energy of an object depends on its
a) speed and acceleration
b) weight and height
c) mass and speed
d) acceleration and displacement

Which of the following is true according to the Law of Conservation of Energy
a) Energy is infinite
b) Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
c) Energy can be created if we apply enough potential
d) Energy can be destroyed, for example when we stop a vehicle.

What factors affect an object's potential energy?
a) weight and height
b) mass and speed
c) speed and velocity
d) acceleration and reference point

A 30 kg ball is moving at a speed of 10 m/s. What is the rock's kinetic energy?
a) 300 J
b) 90 J
c) 1500 J
d) 4500 J

What is the potential energy of a 50 kg pole-vaulter when she is 4 m above the ground?
a) 200 kg/m
b) 2000 kg/m
c) 12.5 kg/m
d) 125 kg/m

As a pendulum slows down due to friction, energy is conserved because
a) mechanical energy increases.
b) kinetic energy increases.
c) potential energy increases.
d) thermal energy increases.

On a graph of speed-versus-time, what would a constant slope represent?
a) An object is standing still.
b) An object is accelerating.
c) An object is traveling at constant speed.
d) An object is either standing still or traveling at constant speed.

A sprinter accelerates from 0 m/s to 8.0 m/s in 5.0 seconds. What is the sprinter's average acceleration?
a) 1.8 m/s^2
b) 1.8 m/s
c) 1.6 m/s^2
d) 40 m/s^2

Why would it be more important to know the velocity of a hurricane instead of the speed of the hurricane?
a) The velocity tells the change in speed of the hurricane.
b) The velocity tells you the speed and direction the hurricane is heading
c) The velocity tells you how long the hurricane will last.
d) Knowing the velocity will make it easier to graph the hurricane's movement.

The rate at which an object is moving at a given instant in time is called
a) final velocity.
b) initial velocity.
c) average speed.
d) instantaneous speed.

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