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Christian rode his bike on a road for a 2 hr period. On average, he passed a 1 km marker every 3 min during this period. What is his average speed
a) 5 km/hr
b) 10 km/hr
c) 15 km/hr
d) 20 km/hr

What is the distance and displacement of a race car that goes around a 300 m loop?
a) Distance: 300 m; Displacement: 0 m
b) Distance: 0 m; Displacement 300 m
c) Distance: 300 m; Displacement: 300 m
d) Distance: 300 m to the North; Displacement: 300 m to the South

An object changes position by 18 m, over a time interval starting at 4 seconds and going to 10 seconds. What is the speed of the object?
a) 2 m/s
b) 3 m/s
c) 8 m/s
d) 16 m/s

Which of the following represents the velocity of a moving object?
a) 40
b) 40 m North
c) 40 m/s
d) 40 m/s North

What is the average speed of an object that covers 50 m in 25 min?
a) 0.5 m/min
b) 2 m/min
c) 10 m/min
d) 15 m/min

A logical interpretation based on reasoning from prior experience is called
a) scientific inquiry
b) a prediction
c) an inference
d) an observation

In an experiment where you change only the temperature, temperature is the
a) responding variable
b) manipulated variable
c) hypothesis
d) controlled parameter

The amount of matter an object contains is its
a) length
b) width
c) mass
d) volume

________ is how much space an object occupies
a) Mass
b) Length
c) Volume
d) Width

If a car is traveling at a constant speed of 50 km/hr, how far will the car have traveled in 3 hours?
a) 16.6 km
b) 0.06 km
c) 150 km
d) 47 km

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