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Which organelle captures sunlight for photosynthesis?
a) ribosome
b) chloroplast
c) nucleus
d) mitochondria

DNA is the genetic material of living organisms, it is located in the _____ of the cell.
a) ribosome
b) golgi bodies
c) chromosomes
d) cytoplasm

What happens to the shape of a red blood cell when it is placed in a solution with a high salt concentration?
a) It doesn't change.
b) It swells as water moves into the cell.
c) It shrinks as water moves out of the cell.
d) It swells as water moves out of the cell.

Active transport is the movement of
a) materials though a cell membrane using cellular energy.
b) water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane.
c) materials from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration.
d) oxygen molecules across the cell membrane.

The passive transport of a molecule from the inside of a cell to the outside occurs when
a) the concentration of the molecule inside the cell is higher than outside.
b) the concentration of the molecule inside the cell is lower than outside.
c) the concentration of the molecule inside the cell is the same as outside.
d) a transport protein carries the molecule from the inside of a cell to the outside.

Which organelles produce most of the energy needed by a cell?
a) ribosomes
b) Golgi bodies
c) mitochondria
d) endoplasmic reticulum

Which term best describes an effect of cell differentiation in an organism?
a) division of labor
b) cells produced from other cells
c) release of energy
d) redistribution of organelles

All of the following affect cell differentiation EXCEPT the
a) cell's DNA.
b) cell's size.
c) future function of the cell.
d) type of organism.

Two identical daughter cells are formed during
a) interphase.
b) telophase.
c) metaphase.
d) cytokinesis.

Worn out red blood cells are replaced by
a) white blood cells that become red blood cells.
b) platelets that become stem cells.
c) stem cells that take over the function of red blood cells.
d) stem cells that differentiate into red blood cells.

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