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Processes that enable an organism to survive are
a) functions
b) developments
c) principles
d) structures

Plants use sunlight to make food in a process called
a) respiration
b) mitosis
c) photosynthesis
d) fermentation

A DNA molecule is shaped like
a) a straight ladder
b) the rungs of a ladder
c) A twisted ladder
d) A stepladder

A multicellular organism develops cells that have specialized structures and functions as a result of
a) the cell cycle.
b) cytokinesis
c) cell differentiation
d) replication

The products of photosynthesis are
a) carbon dioxide and sugars.
b) carbon dioxide and water.
c) sugars and water.
d) sugars and oxygen.

The raw materials for respiration are
a) carbon dioxide and oxygen.
b) carbon dioxide and water.
c) oxygen and sugar.
d) water and sugar.

What happens during cellular respiration?
a) Sugar is broken down, releasing energy.
b) Carbohydrates are released into the bloodstream.
c) Water and carbon dioxide combine, producing energy
d) Sugar is broken down into alcohol, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of energy.

During which stage of mitosis does the chromatin condense and form rodlike structures?
a) prophase
b) interphase
c) metaphase
d) cytokinesis

What is the name of the process by which a cell's nucleus divides to form two identical nuclei?
a) meiosis
b) mitosis
c) interphase
d) cell differentiation

Which of the following statements about a cell's membrane is true
a) Only small molecules can pass through a cell membrane
b) Only water molecules can pass through a cell membrane
c) Only food molecules can pass through a cell membrane
d) Some substances can pass through a cell membrane while others cannot

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