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What is the main difference between metamorphic and most other rocks?
a) Many metamorphic rocks contain only one mineral
b) Many metamorphic rocks have an organic composition
c) Many metamorphic rocks exhibit banding and ditortion of structure
d) Many metamorphic rocks contain silicon oxygen tera hedra

Metamorrphic rocks result from the
a) erosion of rocks
b) recrystallization of rocks
c) cooling and solidification of magma
d) compression and cementation of soil

Metamorphic rocks form as the direct result of
a) precipitation from evaporating water
b) melting and solidifcation
c) erosion and deposition
d) heat and pressure causing change in the rock

Which metamorphic rock will have visible mica crystals and a foliated texture
a) marble
b) quartzite
c) schist
d) slate

Whaen granite melts and solidifies it becomes
a) sedimentary rock
b) metamorphic rock
c) sediments
d) igneous rock

Distortion of bands in a metamorphic rock is a result of
a) weathering
b) glaciers
c) erosion
d) pressure

Recrystallization of unmelted material under pressure and temperature reults in
a) metamorphic rock
b) sedimentary rock
c) igneous rock
d) volcanic rock

Whicc rock forms by recrystallizing unmelted rock material under temperature and pressure
a) granite
b) gneiss
c) rock gypsum
d) coal

which characteristic tends to increase as rocks are metamorphosed
a) denisty
b) porosity
c) permeability
d) number of fossils

which characteristic provides the BEST evidence about where a rock was formed?
a) color
b) texture
c) size
d) thickness

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