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The scientific method is a process for experimentation that is used to explore observations and answer questions. What is the first step in completing the scientific method?
a) Experiment
b) Hypothesis
c) Problem/Question
d) Research

When completing an experiment, you are testing your hypothesis. What are the three kinds of variables that you need to identify in your experiments?
a) manipulated, responding and controlled
b) manipulated, control and identical
c) hypothesis, predict and manipulated
d) control and experiment

You think that leaves turn color because of cold temperatures. You have made a
a) test
b) hypothesis
c) random guess
d) conclusion

The process of gathering information through the senses is called ___.
a) Analyzing
b) Observing
c) Inferring
d) hypothesizing

The amount of liquid in a drinking glass would most likely be measured in which units?
a) mililliters
b) grams
c) meters
d) kilograms

Observations that deal with descriptions that cannot be expressed in numbers are called
a) manipulated observations
b) quantitative observations
c) qualitative observations
d) managed observations

Explaining the things you observe based on thinking about what you already know is called
a) observing
b) predicting
c) inferring
d) variance

Making a guess about what will happen in an experiment based on previous experience is called
a) observing
b) inferring
c) predicting
d) classifying

When scientists group things together based on similar characteristics, they are
a) observing
b) classifying
c) making models
d) predicting

Numerical results collected from an experiment should be put in a _______ to reveal trends.
a) hypothesis
b) graph
c) manipulated variable
d) scientific investigation

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