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How many planets orbit our sun?
a) 7
b) 9
c) 8
d) 5

All of the planets of the Solar System ________ around the Sun.
a) Revolve
b) Retract
c) Radius
d) Rotate

What are the two basic types of planets in the solar system?
a) Flat and Hilly
b) Rocky And Gaseous
c) Hot and Cold
d) Big and Small

All of the planets have at least one moon.
a) True
d) False

Which of these planets have rings?
a) Saturn
b) All Of The Above
c) Uranus
d) Neptune

The Earth revolves around the?
a) Moon
b) Venus
c) Stars
d) Sun

A scientist who observes and studies planets and galaxies is called an
a) Astrological Fan
b) Astronomer
c) Geologist
d) Star Gazer

What is the force that governs the motion of our solar system?
a) Friction
b) Tension
c) Spring
d) Gravtity

How many days does it take the earth to travel around the sun?
a) 1
b) 7
c) 365
d) 30

Day and night are caused by?
a) The earths rotating on its axis and the sun
b) The sun revolving around the earth
c) The moon revolving around the earth
d) The earth revolving around the moon

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