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What would an after picture of a shoreline look like when a tsunami occurs?
a) A mountain forming on a beach
b) A huge wave hitting the beach and houses being destroyed
c) A funnel cloud touching down and lifting the houses

Glaciers form which of the following landforms?
a) jetty
b) oxbow lake
c) valley

Which type of rock will have the greatest amount of ice wedging?
a) One with very few cracks
b) One with a medium amount of cracks
c) One with many cracks

Why should you not build a house right on the beach?
a) Waves can destroy a beach house
b) It can be really cold at the beach
c) Sand can blow inside a beach house

Which of the following is the most directly affected by a glacier?
a) The height of the plants on the mountainside
b) The mass of the trees near a lake
c) The shape of the valley between the mountains

Wind erosion has the most affect on which type of area?
a) rocky shoreline
b) sandy coast
c) grassy area

Which of the following is the best explanation for a decrease in the size of a glacier?
a) Higher average temperatures
b) Higher frequency of earthquakes
c) Higher rate of wind erosion

Which of the following observations would support the hypothesis that an earthquake happened in the past?
a) Young lava flows covering an area
b) A large rock formation that looks like it was broke and then moved
c) Glaciers are larger than they used to be

Roots grew and now the sidewalk has been cracked. Which process was taking place?
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) deposition

Wind hit a rock and made a hole in it. The wind then carried pieces of the rock away. The pieces of rock are later dropped in my yard. Which process(es) was taking place?
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) all of the choices

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