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What region did we just finish studying?
a) Northwest
b) Northeast
c) Southeast
d) Southwest

The first people to setlle in New Orleans came from...
a) Canada
b) Spain
c) France
d) England

Which Southeastern city is knows as the "home of the blues"?
a) Montgomery
b) Memphis
c) Natchez
d) New Orleans

The civil rights movement began as a protest aganist...
a) pollution
b) slavery
c) war
d) segregation

In which state would you most likely find a coal mine?
a) Tennessee
b) Louisana
c) West Virginia
d) Florida

What do the Sun Belt states have in common?
a) They all have world-famous tourist attractions.
b) They are all located in the Southeast region.
c) They all border the Mississippi River.
d) They all enjoy a mild year-round climate.

People visit the Everglades to see...
a) more than 300 types of birds.
b) the Civil Right Memorial.
c) the first English colony in America.
d) launches of the space shuttle.

Coal from Appalachia is used main to produce
a) petrochemicals
b) plastics
c) medicines
d) electricity

What state would you visit to see a space shuttle launch?
a) Virginia
b) Florida
c) Louisana
d) Tennessee

What state would you visit to hear Dixieland jazz and eat Cajun food?
a) Tennessee
b) Florida
c) West Virginia
d) Lousiana

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