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What two powers fought in the the French and Indian War?
a) Great Britain and France
b) France and Native Americans
c) Great Britain and the Native Americans
d) France and Spain

What was the British response to the Boston Tea Party?
a) The Stamp Act
b) The Proclamation of 1763
c) The Intolerable Acts
d) The Northwest Ordinance

The French and Indian War was fought over what North American territory?
a) Canada
b) The Ohio River Valley
c) The Mississippi River Valley
d) Louisiana

How was Georgia directly impacted by the Proclamation of 1763?
a) The only newspaper, the
b) Colonists had to house and feed British soldiers.
c) Colonists had to ship their goods only on British ships.
d) The southern border was changed to the St. Mary's River.

How was the French and Indian War a long-term cause of the American Revolution?
a) The British looked down on the colonists as they served together in the war.
b) The French sought revenge and continued to war with England and the colonies.
c) Due to the huge war debt, England began forcing taxes on the colonies.
d) The colonists rebelled against England and wrote the Declaration of Independence.

What British policy caused the only newspaper in Georgia to cease being printed?
a) The Intolerable Acts
b) The Stamp Act
c) The Sugar Act
d) The Northwest Ordinance

What did the colonies do that forced the British to declare war on the colonies?
a) Wrote and sent the Declaration of Independence
b) The Boston Massacre
c) The Boston Tea Party
d) The Stamp Act Rebellion

What British policy did not allow colonist to cross the Appalachian Mountains.
a) The Intolerable Acts
b) The Proclamation of 1763
c) The Navigation Acts
d) The Northwest Ordinance

What natural feature did the Proclamation Line of 1763 follow?
a) Appalachian Mountains
b) The Atlantic Ocean
c) The Mississippi River
d) The Ohio River

What were the first battles of the American Revolution?
a) The Battles of Trenton and Princeton
b) The Battles of Kettle Creek and Savannah
c) The Battles of Lexington and Concord
d) The Battles of Saratoga and Brandywine

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