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How old was Tung Ngo when he came to Australia?
a) 10
b) 13
c) 12
d) 11

What was Robert Poole's job?
a) boat carpenter
b) captain of basketball team
c) welfare youth worker
d) glazier

Which of the following Australians was a law student?
a) Robert Poole
b) Tung Ngo
c) Kathering Edghill
d) Tammy Williams

What was Donnie Ritchie\'s biggest obstacle in life?
a) when other people make judgements and decisions about what they think she is capable of
b) when she can\'t make her breakfast
c) when she shoots a basketball and it doesn\'t go in the goal
d) when she got hit by a car

What was Katherine Edghill's job?
a) boat cleaner
b) boat builder
c) part time youth minister
d) balloon blower

What type of pin did Kenny have?
a) Aboriginal
b) Safety
c) Japanese
d) Korean

What type of discrimination did Lian face?
a) race
b) hairstyle
c) food
d) sex

What type of discrimination did Kenny face?
a) race
b) height
c) clothing
d) shoes

What would be the best possible solution for both Kenny and Lian?
a) Write a letter to Santa claus telling him not to bring presents to their employers
b) Contact Human Resources and file a complaint
c) Take their employers out to dinner
d) Give their employers a suprise party

What does discrimination refer to?
a) riding a bicycle and passing a walker
b) getting on a bus instead of a train
c) the unfair treatment of others due to religion, race, age or gender
d) not sharing candy with your siblings

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