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What are Earth's largest land areas?
a) hemispheres
b) communities
c) continents
d) equators

How is a globe different from a map?
a) It is flat.
b) It shows the true shapes of oceans and continents.
c) It shows an aerial view of a location.
d) It is easier to carry.

What term refers to the southern half of Earth?
a) Southern Meridian
b) South Pole
c) South America
d) Southern Hemisphere

Which of these towns is most likely to have a hot and wet climate?
a) a town in the Northern Hemisphere
b) a town in the Eastern Hemisphere
c) a town close to the equator
d) a town far from the equator

How does water affect Earth in a slow physical process?
a) Running water erodes riverbanks.
b) It slows down the ecosystem.
c) Water in the ground causes earthquakes.
d) It irrigates crops.

What is true about ecosystems?
a) Ecosystems do not include the vegetation in an area.
b) An ecosystem occurs when the animals in an area no longer need plant life to survive.
c) Ecosystems are found only in places with short, warm winters.
d) Plants and animals in an ecosystem need each other to survive.

National parks, such as the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma, help preserve nature so that it can be enjoyed in the future. What does preserve mean in the sentence?
a) grow
b) adapt
c) save
d) renew

Which is an example of a renewable resource?
a) coal
b) minerals
c) trees
d) oil

Which natural resources can be used as fuel?
a) fruits and vegetables
b) coal and oil
c) gold, iron, and copper
d) water and soil

What is a continent?
a) a country, like the United States
b) a line that shows where a state or country ends
c) the largest land areas on Earth
d) one half of the Earth

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