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Identifying The 3 Types Of Rocks And Their Characteristics. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Metamorphic rocks whose minerals are arranged in layers or bands are called
a) unfoliated
b) nonclastic
c) clastic
d) foliated

Heat and pressure can transform igneous rocks into metamorphic rocks. What processes can transform igenous rock into sedimentary rock?
a) heat and pressure
b) rifting and subduction
c) erosion and sedimentation
d) evaporation and condensation

More often than metamorphic or igneous rock, sedimentary rocks have
a) many holes from trapped gases
b) large quartz crystals
c) numerous fossils
d) a glassy appearance

Which of these can determine the size of grains in igneous rocks?
a) amount of rare minerals
b) distance from a plate boundary
c) size of the volcano
d) cooling rate of molten rock

Rocks formed by the cementing of weathered materials are called
a) sedimentary rocks
b) extrusive igneous rocks
c) basalt
d) magma

Extrusive rocks have small grains because they
a) cool quickly
b) harden underground
c) contain rare minerals
d) have a rough mixture

What do all rocks have in common?
a) they show cleavage
b) they contain minerals
c) they are organically formed
d) they are formed on Earth's surface

Because granite cools below the surface of the Earth, it is
a) an igneous extrusive rock
b) an igneous intrusive rock
c) a sedimentary rock
d) a metamorphic rock

Igneous rocks are formed by
a) heat and pressure on existing rocks
b) evaporation of water, leaving solids behind
c) cooling and hardening of molten rock
d) layers of mud on the bottom of a lake

While on vacation, a student visits the area around a volcano that has recently erupted. The student can expect to find samples of
a) clastic sedimentary rock
b) nonfoliated metamorphic rock
c) chemically formed sedimentary rock
d) extrusive igneous rock

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