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According to Abraham Lincoln once said, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
a) Abraham Lincoln was not a president
b) He only spoke about freeing slaves
c) There was no internet in the 1800\'s.
d) he only spoke about the emmancipation proclamation

How does the title help you understand the story?
a) It tells you what the article is going to be about
c) It helps you understand if the story is true or false
d) Its punctuated

Is this a good article to get accurate information?
a) Yes
b) No

What is true about the facts given in this article?
a) They killed the black man because they were racist.
b) They didn\'t like Hispanics and blacks

Do you think this article was fair for the blacks and Hispanics and whites to murder each other for no reason?
a) yes
d) no

what did the man do incorrectly that News Reporters are not suppose to do?
a) He used incorrect grammar
b) He made the infomation incrorrect
c) He put his own opinion and abbreviated words in the article
d) He asked a lot of question.

a) ll
c) lllll
d) llll

a) h
d) e

a) B
c) E
d) Y

What did you learn from this article?
a) Using correct grammar helps us believe the article is true
c) You need to check to see if information is correct before you believe it.
d) People are racist

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