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what is the state capital? (Illinois)
a) springfield
b) Alexis
c) Washington D.C.
d) Alabama

What is 3x4?
a) 12
b) 15
c) 25
d) 1

A interview,, challenge or opportunity?
a) Challenge
b) opportunity

Cyber-bullying, Challenge or opportunity?
a) challenge
b) opportunity

What is the difference of 5 and 4?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 50
d) 20

false information, challenge or opportunity?
a) challenge
b) opportunity

job interview, challenge opportunities?
a) challenge
b) opportunities

what is 9x9?
a) 81
b) 49
c) 18
d) 28

what do the 50 stars stand for on the american flag?
a) 50 houses
b) 50 boys
c) 50 states
d) 50 chips

what is 15 times 15?
a) 175
b) 225
c) 25
d) 1.000

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