Density And Measurement Vocab Review Question Preview (ID: 11194)

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The ability to float
a) Buoyancy
b) Length
c) Displacement
d) Density

a measure of mass compared to volume
a) density
b) weight
c) volume
d) matter

A measure of the pull of gravity on an object
a) mass
b) density
c) volume
d) weight

Which prefix means small?
a) macro-
b) micro-
c) bi-
d) di-

How long something is
a) volume
b) mass
c) length
d) area

What prefix means large?
a) macro-
b) micro-
c) derm-
d) mono-

Which prefix means two?
a) di-
b) mono-
c) tri-
d) poly-

Which of the following means skin?
a) -derm
b) -meter
c) poly-
d) micro-

Anything that takes up space
a) mass
b) matter
c) volume
d) displacement

Which prefix means many?
a) mono-
b) di-
c) poly-
d) tri-

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