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Which mountain range covers the northern portion of Georgia?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Appalachian Mountains
c) Green Mountains
d) White Mountains

Largest region; much agriculture; flat; wetlands
a) Appalachian Plateau
b) Piedmont
c) Coastal Plain
d) Ridge and Valley

Georgia's major ports are located in Brunswick and:
a) Atlanta
b) Columbus
c) Savannah
d) Albany

Which river begins in the Blue Ridge region, flows to the Gulf of Mexico, and provides a natural boundary between Georgia and Alabama?
a) Savannah River
b) Chattahoochee River
c) Chestatee River
d) Oconee River

Northwestern corner of GA; limestone caves; flat-topped mountains; Chickamauga Battlefield
a) Appalachian Plateau
b) Ridge and Valley
c) Blue Ridge
d) Coastal Plain

In modern Georgia, what are railroads most often used for?
a) transporting goods
b) travel
c) sending students to school
d) emigration

Which continent is home to most of the United States of America?
a) South America
b) North America
c) Europe
d) Asia

Highest mountains in GA; receives high amounts of precipitation; cooler than other regions
a) Appalachian Plateau
b) Blue Ridge
c) Ridge and Valley
d) Piedmont

Which physical feature of Georgia is located on the coast, brings in many tourists each year, and preserves the state's coastline from erosion?
a) Atlanta
b) the Fall Line
c) Lake Hartwell
d) barrier islands

Which type of climate is found in Georgia?
a) hot
b) warm
c) mild
d) cold

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