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Northwestern GA; Dalton and Ellijay; has various ridges and valleys
a) Appalachian Plateau
b) Coastal Plain
c) Piedmont
d) Ridge and Valley

Which natural boundary separates the Piedmont from the Coastal Plain?
a) Okefenokee Swamp
b) the Fall Line
c) the Chattahoochee River
d) the Savannah River

Which region of Georgia is home to East Hall Middle School?
a) Piedmont
b) Blue Ridge
c) Coastal Plain
d) Appalachian Plateau

Which airport, located in Atlanta, is one of the busiest in the world?
a) John F. Kennedy International Airport
b) McCarran International Airport
c) O'Hare International Airport
d) Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Which two hemispheres is most of the U.S. located in?
a) Northern + Western
b) Southern + Eastern
c) Northern + Eastern
d) Southern + Western

I-85, I-75, and I-20 are examples of:
a) railroad lines
b) airplane models
c) Interstate highways
d) ports

Which river forms a natural boundary between Georgia and South Carolina?
a) the Savannah River
b) the Chestatee River
c) the Chattahoochee River
d) the Oconee River

Which region of the U.S. is Georgia located in?
a) the Northeast
b) the West Coast
c) the Midwest
d) the Southeast

Red clay and foothills; Atlanta; most populous region of Georgia
a) Piedmont
b) Coastal Plain
c) Blue Ridge
d) Ridge and Valley

Which swamp, which is located in South Georgia, is the largest one in the United States?
a) the Everglades
b) Vly Swamp
c) Fly Creek
d) Okefenokee Swamp

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